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Balancing relevancy with absurdity, Wahoo Skiffle Crazies offer post-modern, time-traveling, Gonzo-Folk traditional jug band tunes, ragtime, protest songs, blues and originals, influenced by the 60s folk revival and Depression Era Americana (both).


We always liked to call ourselves Staten Island's premier jug band. Of course, some liked to point out that we're Staten Island's only jug band, but we never minded... But since October 9th, 2015 (when we had won the 8th Annual Chicago Battle of the Jug Bands), we now like to consider ourselves America's premier jug band!

Wahoo Skiffle Crazies formed in the Spring of 2003 when Rob Yuzuk, Frank Williams, and Laura Bruij-Williams started playing folk songs in the park with some friends. For over ten years now, we've been growing and changing, with new friends coming and old friends going, but we think we're ready to settle down with the current line-up.

Along the way we've played all over the New York City area (The Bell House, The Rock Shop, Mercury Lounge, Union Hall and Southpaw to name a few), eastward to Boston and westward to Chicago, and shared the stage with some wonderful people. But our home and our hearts remain on Staten Island, where we are a fixture of local arts and culture.

In 2017 we released our third full length album, Spinnin’ Around. Our long term goal is to be the first jug band in outer space, and thereby lay claim to the title of universe's premier jug band. If that doesn't pan out, we at least hope you enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoy making it!


Wahoo Skiffle Crazies are:

FRANK WILLIAMS -  lead vocals and ukulele

CARL GALLAGHER - lead vocals and banjo

ROB YUZUK - lead vocals, lead guitar and kazoo

LAURA BRUIJ-WILLIAMS - washboard, harmonica and vocals

BRIAN MCGOWAN - musical saw and vocals

DAN GALLAGHER - bucket bass and vocals

CHRIS J SORRENTINO - jug, slide whistle and vocals

MATT WILSON - guitar and vocals

EZRA DONELLAN - lead vocals, stumpf fiddle and tambourine

*RACHEL SOMMA-DEVLIN - lead vocals and tambourine 

*JOE PECORA - the tiniest tambourine you’ve ever seen and vocals

 *reserve members